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Energy Output Optimization:

Orkanenerji has extensive knowledge of all the wind power components that contributes to energy production . By taking all of these factors into account together, our team can get a full Picture of the data and use that informations to optimize your power plant to create more energy output and bringing more revenue.

Wind Farm Optimization process:

  • Turbine Loads
  • Turbine Control
  • Material Science and History
  • Aerodynamics
  • Operations
  • Machine Learning

Wind Farm Optimization

Actionable Solutions to Increase Revenue


80 MW Wind Project has engaged Orkanenerji to maximize their wind power plant output and operating margins on their plant under full service agreement:

The Result is excellent:


Depends on Project locations and wind conditions, an annual increase on Revenues of around 7-10 % is possible.

Merger and Acquisition (M&A) of Renewable Energy Projects in Turkey:

Renewable energy assets in Turkey consisting of wind, solar, geothermal and bio showed the highest growth rate in terms of electricity generation for the last 5 years with an annual average growth rate of 32%. They only had 2.6% share in electricity generation in 2011 but had over 10% share in 2020. In the next 5 years renewables including the hydro power plants are also expected to achieve highest growth rate of 10-12 % per annum compared to other sources of electricity with an additional capacity of 26 GW by 2023. This trend of unparalleled growth in renewable energy capacity in Turkey is similar to the trends in most of the countries around the world. Hundreds of local and international investors have invested billions of US Dollars over the last 10 years to over 10,000 MW of wind, solar, geothermal and bio assets in Turkey. We think the challenges local investors face in developing and managing the renewable assets in terms of technology, financing, regulations and partnerships are also quite similar to those experienced by other investors around the globe. We understand the perspectives of international investors on issues like hydrogen and battery storage systems, transition towards auction based support regimes from FIT’s, valuation outlook and interest of international investors to M&A opportunities.

We are happy to offer you greenfield and operational projects on Renewable Energy sector in Turkey.

Greenfield Project Development:

Orkanenerji offers long years experience and assistance on greenfield Project development in Turkey and MENA Region..

Our Services

Analyzing local feed in tariffs

Creating bidding strategy on auctions

Selection of the most suitable Project locations

All permitting processes

Technical and financial due dilligence

AEP optimization operational wind farms